Seabrook Marketing is remunerated by way of pre-agreed project fees or monthly fees, based on the time it takes to handle a project. All projects are quoted and agreed in advance so there is a clear understanding of what is involved by both parties.

Transparency of fees is important to us. As much as possible, any marketing costs (for example design fees, advertising or media costs) are billed directly to the client from the supplier. If Seabrook Marketing does handle any additional costs on behalf of the client, these are simply re-billed to the client at cost, with no mark up, and full paperwork is made available to the client.

On occasions, due to Seabrook having strong supplier relationships or buying services on behalf of a number of clients, a supplier will offer a discount, commission or incentive to Seabrook Marketing. In the first instance we always try to pass this discount on to the client so that they can make the saving.

If this is not possible we are open with a client if a commission is being offered. It is important to us that any advice or recommendations made to a client are based on what is best for their business, not the level of commission being offered, and maintaining an openness in this helps maintain our integrity.