Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy for a business can be fundamental. Sometimes there is a need to stop, reflect, analyse and decide the best route forward for a business. In addition, Seabrook Marketing brings both experience and an outside, objective view to the process, which often is not easy for clients involved in the day to day operation.

Seabrook Marketing is experienced in supporting businesses through this process of developing a strategic plan. A typical marketing strategy project may involve some of these steps :

  • Analysis of historical trading performance
  • Review of customer base and market segments
  • Clarification of the overall business objectives
  • Product development needs
  • Branding strategy
  • Communications mix – on line and off line
  • Distribution and representation review
  • Competitor research
  • Pricing strategy

Strategic business planning projects have been carried out for new build and product launches, as well as detailed reviews for independent businesses and larger groups.

The outcome of this sort of project would be a clear understanding for the client of their business direction and a plan of action covering what marketing, sales and distribution activities would be needed to achieve it.