Marketing Services

Seabrook Marketing offers consultancy, advice and business support in the following areas of marketing and communications :

  • Marketing planning
  • Business strategy and product development
  • Brand strategy, design and implementation
  • Web site strategy, design and build
  • Responsive and mobile solutions
  • Pay Per Click advertising (Google, Facebook etc)
  • Social media management and strategy
  • Email campaign planning, management and implementation
  • Collateral concepts, design and print management
  • 3rd party distribution and channel management
  • GDS representation
  • Flash sales
  • Direct marketing
  • Database development
  • Sales lead generation and research
  • Sales team management and planning
  • Market research
  • Public relations
  • Product launches and events

From our experience, we know that no two businesses are the same. In every project we take time and care to review a clients business, to learn about the current situation and issues, and recommend a solution that is bespoke to that particular business.

In some cases, this has not always been a marketing, sales or revenue management solution – in which case we will offer an honest opinion and sensible advice.

Experience also tells us that direction and expert advice can be enough for some clients, who have either the own in house team or existing marketing services suppliers to help them implement any recommendations. On these occasions Seabrook Marketing can simply act as a guide or director for the project. For other clients, they are in need of an “extra pair of hands” – a full service of support is needed to help them implement the marketing plan.